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Last Rcertification clinic of the year. Details under Clinics then Recrtfication. There is a $25 late fee payable at the clinic

There are many events going on in our state this Spring that need referees: Please see below and contact the person in charge

Region III games: Montgomery, March 4-5 - Contact Charles Frazier (

Open Cup Decatur, Girls April 7-9 and Boys 21-23 ; Contact Bill Walker (

Once again, we are expecting International teams at the Boys Tournament and hope to have women's college teams at the Girls Tournament. More details will come as they are finalized.
This should be an exciting 2 week-end period for Decatur and soccer in Alabama.
Bill will be assigning both events. Michael Smith, State Referee and Assignor, will be assisting this year. Once again, Kris Bailey, Alabama SDI, will be organizing and leading Referee Academies both week-ends. Her Academies have featured FIFA Referees, Assistant Referees, National Referees, National Assessors and National Instructors during the past 3 years. I am certain she will once again have impact leaders for the tournament instruction. You can expect nothing but the best from Kris!
The Spring is full of younger State League games and High School games. So, if you are interested in being a part of these tournaments, please go ahead and block the dates so your assignors will not schedule you for games these week-ends.
Here are the financial facts from 2016. Bill would expect them to be equal or better in 2017:
Games will not be full length.
U17-19: $55/40/40
U15-16: $45/33/33
U13-14: $40/30/30
U11-12: $30/17/17
U9-10: $25/15/15
College Games: Playing 3 - 30 minute periods - $50/25/25/period or $150/75/75 if same crew works entire game. College Final: 2x25 minutes - $80/40/40

NISOA and USSF Referees will be used on the College Spring games.

Grade 6/7 Referees: $5 premium for center assignments
International Games - $5 premium for centers
Championship Games: $5 premium for centers
Travel: $0.20/mile
Hotels: 2 referees per room for referees from outside North Alabama.
Fields: Jack Allen Soccer Complex and Point Mallard

With the age groups starting at U9, this is an excellent opportunity for younger referees to be involved in a Showcase event and where your State Administrators and other observers can have the chance to see you work games.

If you are available for either or both week-ends, please send Bill your availability as soon as you can commit.

Our 2016 Holiday Newsletter has been published.Check it out.

Mandatory Annual State Referee and Assessor Recertification on Saturday January 14, 2017 at Prattville High School in Prattville. More info can be found under clinics.

Updated Policy on wearing a hat(08/25/2016):USSF has indicated that referees can wear a billed, black hat when refereeing. The Alabama SRC had previously recommended wearing a black head covering cap that is as inconspicuous as possible. Effective immediately, the SRC updates that policy to allow referees to now wear a black billed hat that meets the USSF requirements (solid black hat with no commercial marks or logos). This policy only applies to State League and recreational games. Referees are not allowed to wear hats during all of our State Cup Tournaments.

Please Read the following information on changes to the Laws of the Game that apply to all State League/Cup Games effective July 1, 2016 US Soccer is in the process of updating the Laws of the Game based in guidance from IFAB. While you are waiting to attend a recertification clinic, use the following information as guidelines (Thaks to K. Rose, M. Burnap and K. Bailey
Mini Clinic 2016-2017 Law Changes Handout
Mini Clinic 2016-2017 Law Changes

Alabama Soccer League Rules
ASL Rules - August 2016

Concussion Policy
Concussion Policy - Revised

US Soccer Initiatives for U10 and below. Please make sure to read the section on 7v7 and the info on buildout lines as well as the 9v9 section.
US Soccer Initiatives

The 2016 US Youth Soccer Region III tournament was held in Greenville South Carolina June 24-30. Congratulations to all referees who were selected. Our Alabama delegation was well represented. Awards for Top ARs and Centers were presented at the Awards Banquet.

Top ARs
JP Archer
Diego Chulan
Austin Holt
Jason Kuehl
Tiffini Turpin

Top Centers
Sam Bierster
Jonthan Sauers

Double congratulations to Sam Bierster and Jonthan Sauers for being selected to the President Cup Nationals and Austin Holt for being selected as AR to the Nationals

New 2017 Certification/Recertification requirements have been published. The SRC will provide more information and clarifications as soon as the State Requirements have been adopted

icon Referee Certification Requirements Grade 5

icon Referee Certification Requirements Grade 6

Alabama has different requirements for Grade 7 Referees. Disregard the info in the USSF publication for Grade 7. Please Check here for proper info.

icon Referee Certification Requirements Grades 7-8-9 (Disregard Grade 7)

icon Referee Certification Requirements Grades 13 and 15

In Honor of Paul Stanton, who gave so much to the development of referees over the years, our Youth Referees will be presented the “PAUL STANTON” Youth Referee Award! Congratulations to JP Archer and Treasure Adams. Please read the complete announcement here..

Mandatory Annual Instructor and Assignor Recertification on July 23, 2016 at Prattville High School in Prattville. More info can be found here.

Come one, come all to the greatest Roadshow in the Southeast Region! We welcome Kim Oberle, FIFA Assistant Referee and Instructor, to lead us on the path of the new laws and their latest interpretations! This is your chance to be the FIRST recertification in your area! Don't wait.....make plans TODAY!
This year we will be travelling to the North starting on July 30 in Huntsville at 8:00 AM, followed by a stop in Gadsden at 2:30PM. We will then be finishing up in Birmingham on July 31 at 12:30 PM. Look under clinics for more information as well as the newsletter.


FIFA Referee(Retired) Kari Seitz with AL SRC at State Referee Clinic (Jan 9-10, 2016)

The Alabama SRC wishes to thank Bill for his many years of service to Alabama Soccer and its advancement as Alabama SYRA and SRA.


Pat Miller presenting Bill with a Gold Whistle at State Referee Clinic with Kari Seitz (Jan 9-10, 2016)

New Registration Process

As of 1 July 2015, we will be registering with USSF and doing background checks using the Arbiter Sports Registration system. You WILL NOT use the USSOCCER Registration system. This means you only need to go to one location to register and pay for USSF as well as submitting your information for a background check.

To do this, log into Arbiter Sports as you would normally as an official. Click ALYS CENTRAL HUB tab in the upper right. Then click the Registration Tab on the black line. Make sure you select the correct registration. ONLY brand new officials who have NEVER registered before should use the New Officials registration link. All others will use the link for their appropriate grade.

If you are an Assignor, Assessor, or Instructor you will have to register for each one individually, according to your USSF Grade.

Once you have selected your registration grade complete, at a minimum, all required input and then at the end pay your registration fee. This will be done annually.

Old News

Check out the Winter News Letter, it has some valuable information


For the 2015 registration year all National Candidates and National Officials will be selected directly by the U.S. Soccer Referee Selection Panel. National Candidates, tracked as Referees and Assistant Referees, will be designated as Grade 5 National Candidates for 2015. National Officials, also tracked as Referees and Assistant Referees, will be designated as Grade 4 National Officials for 2015.

The 2015 selection and certification process will be processed in two phases, beginning with the administrative requirements. The window for completing the administrative requirements will open on Sept. 1 and close on Nov. 30. The National Candidate and National Official 2015 Certification Instructions document contains detailed steps that an official will need to complete.

If you are planning to apply to be a Grade 5 National Candidate or Grade 4 National Official for 2015, please carefully review this document. Any questions regarding the registration process in Salesforce can be directed to Rachel Lawrence. Other questions regarding the National Candidate and National Official 2015 Certification can be directed to Katie Bosley.




Lost or need a replacement referee badge? Look under FAQs for information on how to get one.