Recertification Requirements for All Grades

Recertification is an annual requirement for all referees. In order to be properly registered at their current grade level, all Referees (Grade 9 through Grade 5) must:

  • Complete the required number of hours (5) of in-service training and take the written test. Look under the Clinics tab for a clinic near you
  • Go to the USSF registration site and pay your registration fee.

The SRC holds Annual Statewide Recertification Clinics at the end of July early August of each year. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from some of America's best referee Instructors.

Referees Grades 7A MUST also:

  • Pass one maintenance assessment annually as a referee at U-18 match or higher level
  • Pass the physical fitness test

Referees Grades 6 MUST also:

  • Attend the mandatory State Referee Clinic held in early January
  • Pass one maintenance assessments on Division 2 or higher adult match
  • Pass the physical fitness test